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Hugo - Netlify Stop Search Bots

October 30, 2017

Stop the Bots when using Hugo on Netlify!

Netlify offers a fantastic workflow they call “Continuous Deployment” for our development environment directed at deploying in stages. If you’re not using this workflow, I highly suggest you go read about it and come back and setup “Stop the Bots” for development.


Hugo - Netlify Tips

October 29, 2017

TIPS: Stop some Hugo-Netlify Gotchas

If you’re a HUGO user (developer) and deploying your site to Netlify for build, here are some TIPS for you.


Our Website Statically Going Faster

October 24, 2017

How we made our site faster and faster We went static! A static site is a site that doesn’t change once you deploy the code until you make a change again. No backend server has to churn out code for the browser! Why after years of using a Wordpress site would we abandon it and move to a static page solution? Good question. There’s one answer that stands out the most.