Are you stalking?

We don't mind.

Who is ADARTA?

I’m Tony, the founder and main software architect at ADARTA.

We’re really into making websites and online apps safer and faster.

Because, make no mistake, ignoring security affects SEO, and slow site performance makes conversion rates suffer.

- Tony Alves

Why partner with us?

  • Because your business is successful and you want your website to look (and perform!) the part.
  • Because you have website envy and are embarrassed to write the name of your site on a cocktail napkin for fear someone might actually go there.
  • Because it’s so uncomfortable (tic toc tic toc) when you’re watching someone who just typed in your URL and the site isn't comin up.
  • Because you've been hacked and your site now goes to an offshore website displaying a foreign language. Gah!
  • Because you were at a conference and our founder bought you a drink.
  • Because if we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can. No, really.
  • Because if we don't add more value than the project costs, we say no!

How we think

Our goals are simple:

  • Create websites and online applications that are fast and secure.
  • Exceed expectations with creative, appealing, and effective design.
  • Strive to deliver technology without the complexity and unnecessary infrastructure killing your bottom line.
  • Hear our customers say, "Shut up! That's our new site?"

Tech changes all the time. Our CEO and founder, Tony Alves, has invested countless hours and continues daily in researching tools to bring modern technology to our customers.

No technical snobbery. No time for that.

Tony Alves (Founder, CEO)

He designs, builds, and often rescues full-stack web apps.

Tony has solid experience using and contributing to open source projects while working with some of the best web technologies, software architects and engineers.

Tony has a dual-major degree in mathematics and computer science from California State University, Long Beach. He has years of experience with software architecture, web applications and design. While his resume is impressive, it’s rather dry, so we'll save you from the details.

Where we work

Our company is located in southern California and we're grateful for it everyday. Close to the ocean is where you'll find our CEO going for coffee most mornings.

If you made it this far, you surely should talk to us!

Let’s do this thang.