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We’re here to help you, your website, and your business kick some ass.

No technical snobbery. Well, we can’t really help it, but we speak your language as well as the geeks’.

Our direction is new, but our experience runs deep, working over 20 years in technical departments for small to Fortune 500 companies.

Who is ADARTA?

A highly technical group (Tony and Rochelle) with a family driven atmosphere. A company using technology to help build and grow your business. We’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented consultants in our industry.

Tony Alves

He designs, builds, and often rescues full-stack web apps.

Tony has solid experience using open source and works with some of the best web technologies and technicians. In fact, he was one of 100 highly technical developers from around the world to earn a spot to Google’s I/O conference by hacking hidden encryption code challenges put on the web by Google.

Tony has a dual-major degree in mathematics and computer science from California State University, Long Beach. He has years of experience with web design and software architecture. While his resume is impressive, it’s rather dry, so feel free to turn on some music. “Ok Google, play happy music.”

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Plus…he’s got a groovy wife who aids and abets:

Rochelle Alves

Rochelle has a bachelor’s degree in business computer methods, from California State University, Long Beach. Yes, she met Tony there. Luckiest day of his life.

She began her career testing software systems and quickly moved into technical management for a large pharmaceutical distributor. She stays current on social media marketing and digital strategy to help clients. She’s really into styling and designing all the things; not just the digital things.

Where we work.

We live and work in Huntington Beach and are grateful for it everyday. A big town in southern California, with a small town vibe. Our main workplace is our home office, not far from Main Street pier.

If you made it this far, you surely should talk to us!

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